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Deck Staining Services

Your deck is a virtual extension of your home. This is where you have relaxing conversations with family, neighbors, and friends over a barbeque. You want the constituent elements of your deck to last longer and withstand the different types of weather. To have your deck stained regularly is a sure way to protect it. The professionals at Deck Staining Milwaukee have offered a helping hand to homeowners in the Milwaukee area to make their decks look amazing and to have protection from the weather. We can assist you with your needs with our deck staining services.

  • Scraping: We want to be sure to prepare your surface; we have to eliminate chipped paint, gravel, and dirt.
  • Power wash: To make sure the surface is okay for paint or stain, we will completely power wash.
  • Sanding: This is to make sure the surface of your deck is even and smooth.
  • Paint or stain: The final touch to make your deck stand out. Contact the nearest  Exterior Painting Milwaukee WI.



Staining your deck can make your wood grain noticeable and, at the same time, enhances the entire appearance. However, for your deck to last longer, it should have protection from insect infestation and decomposition. Deck staining will also keep the wood from taking in moisture, resulting in severe damage caused by freezing.

There are plenty of choices when it comes to picking deck stain colors. The selections comprise organic-looking clear wood stains to daring solid colors. If you’re planning to start your deck building project, selecting a clear stain will make the wood grain more noticeable, but the wood’s natural color might stand out less if you opted for a solid color.

Homeowners, in general, won’t do anything to their pressure-treated wood because stain treatment is impossible to do. This is not true. There is a plethora of assortment of shades that go well with the treated wood’s appearance. All decks can be stained even if they were previously stained or pressure-treated. You can contact Deck Staining Milwaukee regarding prices for deck staining, including deck repair, power washing, and sanding. We can set you up with our free estimation so you can decide.

Homeowners should know that restaining their decks should be done every year. The longevity of your deck will vary in some situations through the following:

The deck can stain, dry out, and possibly weather much faster because of sunlight. If your deck is not treated, chances are heavy downpours can damage the integrity of the deck. The wood can absorb moisture from the water; as the water freezes, the wood may crack. The changes in the weather can also contribute to the decline of your deck.

If you have applied a decent amount of deck stain, the signs of wear and tear won’t be visible for many months to come. But little by little, you’ll start noticing some changes brought about by the friction of the deck’s surface that came in contact with shoes as you’ll see some of the wood deck’s particles will stick the soles of the shoes. Deck repairs can be a hassle if your decks are constantly ignored. Getting in touch with Deck Repair Milwaukee can deal with the scenario so that you won’t be replacing your entire deck.

There are other ways you can utilize your stain to make your deck one of a kind. This can be possible using two colors; for the main deck, an applicable color should be a dark one, while for the accents, choosing a light color is the way to go. Using high-quality acrylic paint is also possible. Applying a primer first should be done before painting.

A normal-sized deck takes about 2-4 hours for the staining to be finished. But, it takes about 4 hours for every square foot to dry, so it is advisable not to use your deck after 24 hours after the stain has been applied.

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Please bear in mind that a professional staining company is essential for the preservation of a deck. It requires a great deal of skill experience to get the job done. You’ll be doing more harm than good if you attempt the process on your own. For your deck staining and repairs, call Deck Repair Milwaukee.